Declaration of Sentiments

This article highlights all of the struggles that women have faced over time because of gender inequality. While women have come a very far way from back then, there is still much to be done in order to obtain the equality that women are still striving for. A very important statement that should be added […]


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Book of the City of Ladies

“The Book of the City of Ladies” by Christine de Pizan is an amazing work that starts off with the author being visited by three women who represent Reason, Justice, and Rectitude. From here, Pizan is told to build a city filled with accomplished women. Pizan originally has very stereotypical thoughts about women, however, these thoughts are […]

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Thomas More’s “Utopia”

We started off the semester by discussing the differences between utopias and dystopias. Because of this, Thomas More’s “Utopia” was an essential read because he created the term that refers to a perfect place. In “Utopia”, More creates a fantasy world that he envisions as perfect, however, it is far from it. While he tries […]

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Final Project

The final for this class was enjoyable to work on, and working in groups made it that much better. As a group, we went through many different ideas throughout the final project in order to come out with our final result. Originally, we planned on doing a zine collection that goes through the waves of […]

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Final Blog Post

For this project I intend on working independently to create a website demonstrating women in graphic design and the gender inequality and glass ceiling that exists in that field. I chose to work on a website for a few reasons. The main reason was dealing with my specific topic I felt a creative technological presentation […]

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SCUM Manifesto

I found the SCUM manifesto to be highly entertaining to read. Valerie Solanas is such a historical feminist icon that reading her radical views was really interesting. I can’t say I can agree with her views however as she completely hates the entirety of the male sex. She comes across as if she was joking […]

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Final Blog Post

My group and I wanted to look further onto the views of feminists. We wanted to know what people considered a feminist to be or if they consider themselves to be a feminist. We decided to ask multiple people on their perspectives about this topic. Many of these people were of different genders or ages. […]

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Marilyn Frye’s “Oppression” explores the meaning of the word oppression and how it applies differently to men and women. I found the fact that she mentioned that while both men and women are oppressed, women are oppressed because of their gender while men are not. This reminded me of the “black lives matter” movement vs […]

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Valerie Solanas’ SCUM manifesto was quite frankly disturbing, however, considering her life I can sort of see where she is coming from. Her description of the whole thing was way more gory and violent than it needed to be but definitely got her point across.. to say the least. Her perspective was completely different than […]