The Making of the Queen’s Manuscript

The Making of the Queen’s Manuscript focuses on London, British Library, Harley MS 4431, the largest surviving collected manuscript of the works of Christine de Pizan (1365-ca1431). Commissioned by Queen Isabel of France, the collection was planned, copied, decorated and corrected under Christine’s direct supervision, before being presented to Queen Isabel early in 1414. Check out […]

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The Lamentations of Maltheolus

Christine de Pizan’s Book of the City of Ladies was written in reaction to the almost ludicrously misogynistic Lamentations of Maltheolus, written in 1295. He writes: I, who once used to compose and polish off fine poems while my studies flourished and gave me great pleasure, have now fallen on hard times, not because of advancing age, but because […]

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Response to Utopia

Thomas More’s Utopia ideas were very similar to ideas of Plato. There was definitely a bias towards pro-men stereotypes. Women had the role of cooking and taking care of the children. Men didn’t marry a women unless viewing her naked (naked inspections), but sex before marriage was prohibited. Daughters were just married off and were […]

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