Plato Republic

In this dialogue, Socrates is the main speaker with Glaucoma primarily acting as a respondent. He describes an ideal utopia.  He was an ancient thinker/author  who, despite cultural and societal beliefs to the contrary, promoted or endorsed beliefs dealing with the equality of women to men in key aspects regarding social status and function.

Socrates felt that arriving at the right conclusion about the possession and the use of women and children is to follow the path that men were to be the guardians and watch dogs of the herd. He would ask if woman were capable of sharing either wholly or partially in the actions of men, or not at all. At first, it seemed to me that he thought a woman’s sole purpose was just to watch over a child, but that is definitely not at all what women are just good for. He asked if women could share in the art of war and that would give him his conclusion.

He believed that different natures have different pursuits and that men and women’s natures are different. Despite men and women, isn’t every individual’s nature different in some way? I feel that some men are stronger then others and that some woman are more weak then others. For Socrates to just take men as a whole and say what there responsibilities are doesn’t make sense to me. What really stuck out to me was when they said that if a man or woman has a child not in their “prime”  than they would be doing an unholy and unrighteous thing. Woman have the right to defend when they can have kids and when they cannot. Men and women are to have a common way of life: common education,common children and watch over the citizens together.



3 thoughts on “Plato Republic

  1. I completely agree with your response to Socrates declaring that men and women should only have children when they are in their “prime” in order to maintain a pure breed. This control over individual’s bodies is unjust and citizens should be able to have the freedom over these life choices. The citizens in this perfect utopia are completely controlled by the government in every aspect of life, including who they are allowed to marry and when they are allowed to bear children. He thinks that every citizen would be happy with these new rules, but how is an individual to be content when they have no control over the simplest things, starting with their own bodies?

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  2. I liked how you pointed out that it is every women’s choice when she wants to have kids. That really stood out to me because even after thousands of years, women are still judged about their choice to whether or not to have children and what age they choose to do so. It is very disappointing that these type of opinions on women are yet to evolve.
    In addition, it is important that you mentioned the fact that people should be treated based on their capabilities not their gender. Gender should not act as a barrier to a persons development since the focus should be on the talent rather than the biological characteristics.

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  3. I agree with you. Individualism is one of the most important parts of our humanity. Each person is different; therefor, each person has a different level of intellect and ability. Gender is completely irrelevant.

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