Plato’s Republic

It started off badly with “…possession and use of women and children” then continued with “…the general inferiority of the female sex” and that is when I knew I would not be agreeing with the views presented in this excerpt. The focus is on whether people (specifically men v. women) should do different jobs based on their inborn talents and that people of similar talents should be matched (e.g athletic men with athletic women); there is also discussion of only the most superior humans being able to breed while the inferior would be kept from marrying and having children. Throughout the piece there are many different references to the idea that different women can be talented at anything that a man is talented at but will overall consistently perform worse simply because she is a woman. The overall idea of this excerpt of Plato’s Republic is to create the ‘best’ possible society seemingly without any regard for the welfare of citizens; only allowing the most superior to breed will eventually make the inferior die out (this sort of reminds me of Hitler’s goal for the Aryan race). Either way, his society sounds extremely unpleasant to live in and reminds me sort of communism.

Other notes: It is also mentioned that although incest is frowned upon and steps are taken to prevent it, if it does happen it will just be overlooked- so that’s cool too. There is no family unit because children are taken away from their mothers immediately once they are born and are raised by nurses and guardians in a standardized way and so they are completely relying on nature (not nurture) for the child’s capabilities and personality. No one has any pay but the necessities such as food.


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