Response to Plato

After reading the excerpt on Plato’s republic, I noticed in the beginning he mention an equal opportunity for women to be treated as men do.  He said that men and women are alike, but the only difference is that men are a lot more stronger than women. I agree with Plato that men and women should have the same education. It is amazing to see that so early on in life these philosophies and ideas were thought of, especially in a time where people strongly believed in women staying at home taking care of the children and the house. In some ways I can understand where Plato comes from when he says, men and women do have different pursuits and with that means a different nature. Women and men do have attributes which make then physically different. But when looking at it from a modern perspective with gender equality, and the transgender community being open and well-respected, I can disagree with him about there being a difference in the nature and pursuits. I feel that the pursuits of a person doesn’t matter on the gender, but it depends on the individual itself.  Plato does make it a point not all people are the same, which I find to be most definitely true. Whether comparing a man or a woman, or a woman to a woman, or a man to another man; strengths and weaknesses are all different depending on the individual. At the end of the reading he discusses that he basically sees a world where, “men and women are to have a common way of life… common education, common children; and they are to watch over the citizens in common whether abiding in the city or going out to war; they are to keep watch together and to hunt together like dogs; and always in all things, as far as they are able, women are to share with men”, which I agree that they are both equal.


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