Response to Plato’s Republic

Classical Greece was a time when women in society were not respected and much were practically servants to their husbands. In Plato’s Republic, women primarily took care of their husbands and performed household duties as well. In a way, women were more of servants/slaves to their husbands as they did not have a prominent role in the household besides obeying orders. Plato’s Republic divides society into 3 categories, one of which being the Guardians. The Guardians played an important role in ruling society and making sure it is stable. Throughout reading this excerpt, one quote that caught my eye was “Men and women alike posses the qualities which make a guardian..” This quote gives the defense that women are equally capable of becoming guardian’s of society just as men are. Both men and women have distinct characteristics that may be beneficial to society. Women, for example, may have certain unique traits that men do not, these traits may contribute to society in a positive way. Thus, women should be able to posses the power of being a guardian in the community rather than simply playing a household role and being under their husbands orders. “A violation of nature” was another quote that was interesting. This quote gives note as to how members of society, specifically men, are being ignorant and ignoring the traits of women. Plato provides a take in which women move past being a household figure and should also play a equal role in society as men do. The traits women carry should not be ignored and society should move past the typical stereotypes of women. 


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