Response to Plato’s Utopia

In this reading on classic greek utopias Sucrates speaks on the issue of equality of men and women. Commonly women are viewed as the house keepers and weak compared to men who often have strong roles in society. Sucrates brings up the ideal of a utopia where women are treated equally to man and no discrimination toward their roles in life is present.

I found it very interesting when he discussed that women have the same capability to do tasks as men but with only a difference in preference or natural strength. “One woman has a gift of healing, another not; one is a musician, and another has no music in her nature? ‘Very true.’ And one woman has a turn for gymnastic and military exercises, and another is unwarlike and hates gymnastics? ‘Certainly.’” This discussion is interesting because he is speaking on behalf of women and attempting to inspire the ideals of equality, which is unexpected in this era.

In his utopia, women are not automatically deemed unfit for a task in role or society, rather, they are given the chance to prove as an individual if they can do the task at hand. I think individualizing women and shedding light on women’s equal capabilities to men is a stepping stone in that era for positive change in mindset.

Even though there are some flaws in his ideal utopia, I believe that Plato’s Republic inspires a change in mindset and breaks stereotypes that had gone un-addressed in that era.


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