The reading “Genesis” starts off with just one man Adam. He is all only in the garden with only the Lord God by his side. There were trees, rivers, fruit, cattle, etc. but no women. Which shows how gender specific the bible is. Then later in the reading it says, “she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of a Man.” Which is saying that only because there was men in the first place there was women. And if there wasn’t a man called Adam and there wasn’t a rib taken from him there would never be a woman. After it says that they were both naked and were not ashamed. This also shows how different it was back then. Women were not ashamed to be naked. Nowadays women feel extremely self conscious and never feel comfortable with their own body. Reading on in the passage it says that God has said that the fruit on the tree is poison and if one eats or lays their eyes on it they shall die. The women begins to convince Adam that that is not true. She took the fruit and ate it and then handed it to her husband and he ate it as well. After eating the fruit they hid in the garden because they heard God. Adam says, “The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.” Adam was blaming his wrong doing on his wife. When “Genesis” was written one could tell that it was very geared towards making the man look dominate and have the woman look like the bad guy. The woman came from the man, the woman took the fruit, the woman ate the fruit and made her husband eat it. The way this is written is very critical of a woman. Also from going to church myself I can tell that a lot of the Bible readings are mostly about men. Woman never really took a part in religious aspects back then.


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