Response to Plato

Plato has different points about the society. I found it interesting where in very beginning of the written work he uses a simile between humans and dogs to discuss discrimination females have. Female and male dogs are not discriminated by gender. They perform many activities on the same level. Despite the fact how the female has the puppies, it doesn’t stop the dogs to do other activities. For example, I actually know a female German Shephard police dog in Ukraine that had litter and she was still back to her duty soon afterwards. She was able to help catch and arrest the criminals, and she was also the “drug searching dog”. She performed those activities well. However, when she was heavily pregnant they tried to restrain her from work, only because her duty is dangerous. There are many types of jobs such as security dogs, police dogs, military dogs that perform the same job. There are also home guarding dogs and despite the fact whether it is male or female and if it is the female, they will still remain watch dogs and will defend their territory no matter what.  However, from the beginning Plato seemed to disagree with this idea. He even mentioned that male dogs are stronger than female dogs, which in some cases could be true but it also depends on the temperament of the dog. However, we are not dogs, we are humans and we differentiate from this. It was interesting to see how Plato spends a lot of time talking about the differences in females and males such as strength and weaknesses. This is not true because females could be very strong and we should not be discriminated from a certain profession just because of gender. It was also interesting to see how at one point, he was mentioning “children and women” together, as women aren’t capable of taking care of others and performing a task. Apparently, men are more superior to women and children. Of course children need more attention but a female can take care of themselves, her family and the job. Nowadays, there are a lot of working mothers that reached a high level in her career and they also can take care of their families. Women have a lot of responsibilities that all do a good job at for example, taking care of kids, cleaning, cooking, earning money, spending time with the family. We are able to plan accordingly and make time for everything. We are as strong as the men, maybe not in physical form but that doesn’t matter because intellectual levels are still the same and women are capable of doing the same jobs as men. Despite the fact that Plato showed both of the sides of the story, he still remained biased. There were certain times that he actually put women down. It’s crazy to see and even think how many people could agree with that.


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