Response to “Utopia”

Thomas more’s Utopia was the most important book in the Sixteenth century.The words utopia and utopian passed into the language very quickly. I think Thomas More is fascinating because he was a man that was very passionate about ideals that were prevalent both in the traditional world and the modern era. His book, Utopia, deals with issues such as how to distribute wealth fairly and the importance of sexual compatibility in marriage.

The entire population understands and partakes in agricultural work. As children, they are introduced to it at school, and in the world around them. However, besides agriculture, every person has expertise in a certain trade, be it carpentry or manufacture of flax. Every person on the island wears the same clothes and the fashion never alters, and the only difference between the clothes is in order to distinguish men from women, and the married from the unmarried. This is very fair but I would hate that because I love getting to dress how I want and not wearing what everyone else has and putting together different outfits.

The six-hour workday is sufficient to provide the Utopians with all they need because everybody works. This is significant when comparing Utopia to other nations, as in other nations, women generally do not work, and neither do priests or rich men and their families. When much of the population is idle, those people that do work need to work much harder in order to support those that don’t. Furthermore, less work is needed in Utopia, where everything is shared, making maintenance and repairs in everyone’s best interest.

The only thing I disagreed with was when he said that when woman grow up they are married out; but all the males live in the same house. Why cant male and female live together and make a family like modern times? Secondly, why should it be male who get to stay together and not the women.


2 thoughts on “Response to “Utopia”

  1. I totally agree with your analysis of this excerpt. I, especially liked your point on how females should be allowed to wear whatever they feel comfortable in to express themselves, in particular.


  2. I really liked your take on this piece. I completely agree with you that I would also hate having to wear the same thing everyday and look the same as everyone else! I also agree with you that women shouldn’t have to be the ones married out once they come of age, men and women need to be equal in this utopia.


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