Response to Utopia

During the reading of Utopia by Thomas More, I kept thinking about similarities between this piece and Plato’s Republic. They both describe their own versions of the “perfect world” by indicating roles of both women and men in it. Despite the fact that both describe their idea of gender equality, I got a feeling that both of them were hinting about males being more superior in the society.

In More’s Utopia, every man as some trade to which he applies himself. It is mentioned that man can go for any trade but woman has to stick with wool ad flax because it suits best for their weakness, while man are forced to do other jobs. This idea got me a little annoyed because it’s not fair to say that women cannot handle the same jobs as men. Even when the job is hard physical job, women are not trusted with it, but hey it’s not like we can’t do it, we are not allowed. Also, there is another part where the women are put down in the society. It is indicated by the phrase “ Their women, when they grow up, are married out; but all the males, both children and grandchildren, live still in the same house, in great obedience to their common parent, unless age has weakened his understanding and in that case, he that is next to him in age comes in his room”.  This illustrated the power man have on top of women and also the privilege of staying in the same house but when you are a female you cannot stay. Also, by mentioning that they are “married out”, the author made me think that the women were forced to marry and it wasn’t their choice. This whole paragraph just shows how little freedom and respect women get in this society. It was also interesting to see the phrase  “ wives serve their husbands” which indicated how much power males have on top of women and how they are referred to as dominant figure in the past. This reading, like many others, show why our world is like it is today and despite all of the attempts, it might take a long time for it to change for better. Women and men deserve the equal rights.


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