Response to Utopia

While reading Utopia, one aspect that caught my eye was More’s description of agriculture’s role in society. More describes a society that is basically monochromatic, in a way that most of the members of society have similar roles between one another. There is rarely a distinction between others, besides when distinguishing two sexes. While men might have certain attributes that are unique to themselves, nearly everyone has similar roles in production and manufacturing. 

Another aspect that I noticed in Utopia was the superiority of men from women. It seems that men have a broader range of options in what they can do compared to women. More also states “leaving the ruder trades to the men” which shows that there is a distinction in roles between the two sexes in society. More goes on to describe The Chief’s role in society and referencing members of society as men. This reference that goes on throughout the book says a lot about how society was before, and in a way that men were shown to be more superior than women. The way More describes men shows that they were a prominent role in society, compared to women who had limited options as to what they can do. This aspect caught my eye as it is something that is always referenced later on as well. It is never “women” that More refers to, but rather it is “men” who are shown to take up most of the responsibilities in society.


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