Response to Utopia

The excerpt from Thomas More’s Utopia seems at the beginning to have similar content to that of Plato’s Republic, however, it does not seem to be quite as sexist and politically incorrect… until the second page when “Women, for the most part, deal in wool and flax, which suit best with their weakness,”. In addition, when referring to a general person, the words “he” and “him” are typically used even after “a person” is used earlier in the same sentence. It seems as if there is less classism in this than in Plato’s Republic though; there is no distinction between dress except for gender and married/unmarried, anyone can pursue almost any trade they like regardless of their class, and anyone can go to the daily lectures. However, later in the excerpt, wealth comes up and the discussion of class begins. The officials seem to be chosen by the people in a sort of democratic way, which is good. I do not think that this society would be successful because it requires human nature to be dramatically changed; it requires no greed, extreme obedience of all laws, and true objectivity/fairness when making decisions. Everything in this society is very exact, such as the number of families in each city and the number of family members in each family; such control is nearly impossible. Overall, I think I would much rather live in this society than in Plato’s Republic, but I think I am happier here in our current society.


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