An Addition to the Declaration of Sentimens

The Declaration of Sentiments is a text that simultaneously shows how far women have come regarding their rights but at the same time how much they still have ahead. Women have been able to gain the right to vote but equal pay is still an issue that we struggle with. Another addition to the Declaration that would enrich it and include more aspects in which women are oppressed would be double standards and the social expectations of gender.

It is widely known that women have certain roles that they need to fulfill in order to fit in the society. These roles are gender stereotypes such as ” women belong in the kitchen” and other more ridiculous roles. The moment women start to act the same way as men they are ostracized from the society and called names because of their lifestyle choices. An example of that would be the fact that men who sleep around are cool but women who do so are whores.

Furthermore, women are always associated with motherly instincts and family. We are always expected to have kids and create a family by a certain age but no one ever has the same expectations for men. People unreasonably look down to women that choose to not have children and dedicate their lives to their careers. Moreover when it comes to single parents, people always tend to take pity to single fathers but single mothers are judged.

Our society today tends to gender every aspect of life. From jobs, to colors, clothes, hairstyles, everything is forced into a gender binary. In my opinion the double standards and stereotyped that follow gender, and especially women should be dropped, and people should be focused on equality and acceptance. It is vital for women to stop being judged for their actions    .They should be treated equally to men in every aspect of life without the obligation of having to fit into a certain stereotype. It is sad that equal treatment doesn’t always come naturally to people but it needs to taught. This prejudice needs to end and that is the reason why it should be included in the Declaration of Sentiments.


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