Contribution to Declaration of Sentiments

Even with all the rights we have for women now, there’s still a list of things we have yet to accomplish. One of those things that I feel should be added to the Declaration of Sentiments is equal pay. Women put in as much hard work and dedication into their jobs and careers as men do and there shouldn’t be this insane little thing such as a gender wage gap – even if it is by a couple of cents – tampering down on them.

Even if women are allowed to get an education now and partake in the strong career field now – such as doctors, lawyers, engineers – if they’re not getting paid on the same level, then what’s the point? There are even Hollywood actresses that have either played in more movies or had the better role that’s still getting a percentage less than her fellow male co-star.

If a woman is working and has a family to take care of back home as well, then she deserves to be recognized for all that time and energy she’s putting in to the economy and the workforce, and be paid the exact same if not more than what her male counterpart is making for the exact same role.

Women have come way too far to let something as unnecessary – because what really is the point of issuing such a thing? – hinder them from being the best that they can be. So, having this on the Declaration seems appropriate.


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