contribution to the declaration of sentiments

Societies’ come along way, ill give them that but we’re still no utopia. Throughout history, feminist movements or women’s rights movements have helped accomplish a great ordeal in favor of minority groups. However, discrimination still exists and many challenges and obstacles are still faced up till today. Somethings I would add to the declaration of sentiments is having equal pay for all, not just the men and women of higher class, but for all people of different backgrounds and ethnicities. I’d also like more enforced  and implemented laws against sexual harassment and racial or gender biases. And last but most certainly not least I guess I’d want equality in terms of sports and other competitions because many of the times there are specific requirements to be on a sports team and a lot of these requirements discriminate against women as well as people with disabilities and also those with an ambiguous sexual identity. Hopefully someday, if not all of these suggestions, at least some of them may be carried out.


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