Declaration of Sentiments

The Declaration of Sentiments shows how far women have fought and went through just to come to where we are. The declaration gives a little background info.on how everyone was born equal, but yet we can still see that not everyone is treated equal. Women fighting for rights isn’t something that will come to an end, there is always something women are being looked down upon or stereotypes for whether it deal with work or marriage or money etc.

A demand that I would like to add on our Declaration of Sentiments would be no segregation against women in the work field. Just because we our born a women who says what job I should have and how I should pursue it. Yeah women have the power to birth a child but why should that be looked at as the only thing we are good for. Equal pay Is also a must.

Secondly, there should be strong rules against sexual harassment. This is also something that will last forever because guys tend to feel that women are weak and vulnerable and that they can say what ever they please. Its scary walking down a street alone because of what a guy might say or do.


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