Thought the Declaration of Sentiments we get a picture of how the women in the past fought long and hard for equal rights, and we have come a very long way since then. Although there has been change in our society in the way women are being treated there are still a few flaws. Women although are now able to have the same jobs as men in the work force, it does not mean that the pay is being evenly distributed. As well as sexual harassment, violence against women such as abuse (domestic violence). Walking down the streets of NYC women still can get harassed by man by “cat calling” and slurs men will throw at them like they are an item to be bought. Some men also do believe they are superior to women and feel they have power over them and we still see domestic violence and abuse to be common. Also I believe an addition to choice when it comes to abortion should be added to the declaration. If a female feels as though she is unable to  proceed in having a child she should not be forced because a state has removed that from her gaining access too. I believe women should have to choice and that all states should have a clinics to help women who make the decision not to keep it. It is especially unfair to women who are a victim of rape and are unable to take care of a child and have no choice but to go on with it due to the lack of abortion clinics being available to her.


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