Declaration of Sentiments

The inequality of men and women throughout human history is touched upon in this article. Furthermore, the struggle of females to earn the rights that we have today has been a long road coming. Yet, there is still a large distance separating the rights of men and the rights of women. In a more present day Declaration of Sentiments, I would vouch for equal pay for men and woman (first and foremost). There is absolutely no reason that there should not be equal pay. Two people doing an equal amount of work, regardless of sex, should be payed equally. I feel that it is morally wrong to underpay a human being because there is a possibility that “she may have children” ( which is completely invalid in itself). Men leave jobs just as frequently as woman do, it is just for different reasons. Secondly, I would argue that qualified women should have paid maternity leave. Children are an expense that is unparalleled.


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