Decleration of Sentiments

Our society went a long way in fighting the rights for the women. A lot of important changes have been made such as right to vote, freedom of speech, right for education and work. We get treated differently and more respected. However, there is still a long way to go when it comes to changes made for our lives. We still do not occupy the same positions and jobs as male figures do in our society. One important key fact that was fought for in the past and still is nowadays is the right of women to get an abortion. I do not understand how the government ( mostly the men) can decide what a woman should do with her body. The amount of stupid laws are made to close down abortion clinics such as “ 8 feet dimensions halls, too close to school”. In some states it is nearly impossible to get an abortion. I necessarily believe that you should get an abortion, at least I wouldn’t but there are cases where it is needed. For example, what if the woman is raped? Or The baby is going to die? What is it can cause severe illness or death in the mother? It is ridiculous how men think they can decide for us and our future. Because of the new placed laws, some desperate women call the clinic asking “ What  they can do at home to perform the abortion?” How was how women have to go to that resort. Also, abortion wasn’t allowed in the past and now it is becoming limited, don’t we learn in a way that it will lead to illegal performances of abortion and possibly more deaths? It is crazy! I agree how until a certain time the abortions should be performed but once it shouldn’t be when it is a fetus unless there is something wrong with the situation, like mother’s life in danger or problems with the pregnancy. In my opinion, there should be more clinics available for women and the procedure should also be covered by all health care insurances. The government doesn’t understand that by limiting abortions, many people will have children and leave them behind for adoption or will try to perform an abortion themselves. I do not understand how other people can decide for the woman’s body.


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