After listening and reading, Bessie Smith’s song “I Ain’t Got Nobody” I immediately thought of a song by Janine and the mixtape called ” We could be better”. In the song Bessie discusses her loneliness after a man she loved has left. She says, ” now I’m sad and lonely, he’s gone..” and “it’s awful hard to love some man, when  he don’t care for you”. Basically after looking into Janine’s lyrics as well,  I saw her reminiscing about a lover just like Bessie wanting the feeling to be returned to her. They both show loneliness in their lyrics and heartbreak making the listener want to hear their sad story of losing love. There is a feeling of no one ever loving theme the way the other person did, or if will love reunite and be found again. Both songs hold a very sad theme to it presenting heartbreak, loneliness, and the desire for love again.



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