Blues Legacies

I decided to choose I used to be you’re sweet mama by Bessie Smith. I felt like it was an exceptional song because the music its self was very fun and it paired really well with her ironic tone throughout the song. I also feel as though she wrote this song to get back at her ex-lover, who cheated on her. She is no longer that sweet woman that she once used to be but rather she’s filled with anger, hate, and vengeance against her lover. In addition to that, she wants him to know that he’s had his chance and he blew it; and in some way she’s ironically thanking him because its because him that she now knows that men can be evil and hurt her, so now she can be mean and hateful as she repeatedly says throughout the song.  However, at the same time there’s also this sadness to her song because at the end of the day she suffered a major emotional blow and she was really hurt and devastated by her ex-lovers betrayal.

This song reminded me of Should’ve Said No by Taylor Swift. This song tells a story of a girl whose been cheated on but I like that how even though she’s hurt, she decides to give her ex-lover some sort of tough love. He had his chance, if only he stayed faithful he would still have her. I feel like both these songs have these common themes. It’s empowering to see these women, who’ve been so hurt because of their lovers betrayals, still stand up for themselves as respectable women.



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