Blues Legacies

In Bessie Smith’s song I Used To Be Your Sweet Mama she sings about the struggle of being “in love with a two-timing man.” I really liked this song because as it progressed she starts singing about herself as an empowered woman and states “no man can treat me mean.” 

As I was listening, I immediately thought of Beyonce’s song Irreplaceable. The lyrics that immediately made me think of this song was when Beyonce sings “call up that chick and see if she’s home / Oops, I bet ya thought that I didn’t know.” And throughout her song, Beyonce lets her unfaithful other know that “I can have another you in a minute.”

Both Bessie and Beyonce’s songs express the rollercoaster of being in an unfaithful relationship, and how both of them grew stronger from it. They remind women to be independent, self-empowering, and that they are not alone. One unfaithful man did not phase Bessie or Beyonce, so why should one phase you?


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