Blue Legacies

The song “ I ain’t got nobody” by Bessie Smith was written in 1925. It had a strong message many women can relate to, the loneliness after the man leaves them. Bessie Smith sings about the heartbreak and the loneliness she experiences after the man who she loves, leaves her. She states how now there is nobody that cares about her and is there for her. She wants a good man to stand there behind her back and protect her. She states “won’t somebody go and find my man and bring him back to me”. She wants the guy because she loves and misses him but this also represents the pride every woman experience in their lives. After the man leaves her, she won’t be running after him even though she wants him in her life. Also, this can be taken differently such as she’s too upset to go out and she’s crying her eyes out waiting for him to come.  She states that once she was “a lovely gal, as good as any in this town, but since my daddy left me, I’m a girl with her heart bowed down”. Apparently, in this society, she felt very pressured to have a man in her life to be the “ lovely gal”, when he left her, she doesn’t think she’s as lovely but also broken-hearted. Now she is not looked on as “ attractive” because she doesn’t have a significant other. Bessie sings about the feeling most of us could relate to, the loneliness and unknown state when somebody leaves you, when you feel like nobody is there to support and protect you.

The first song that came to my mind when I heard this song was “Scared of Lonely” by Beyonce. Beyonce’s song sounds a little more uplifting because she is tired of the emptiness and loneliness and she’s trying to get rid of it. She doesn’t just sit there hoping things get better but also tries to forget her man and move on. However, her attempts aren’t working, she’s scared of being lonely as Bessie states and she also wants the person she loves and trusts be there for her when she’s entering the unknown. She is depressed over it, crying, and scared of being alone. Both of the songs have the same theme, loneliness and effect of breakup on women’s lives. It makes most of us feel scared, bad about ourselves, and its hard for all to face the truth. Most of us want everything be back to normal, like it was and have the loved person by your side.


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