Frye starts off the article with the definition of oppression and how it has been misused a lot lately. I think this is a critical point she made because it can apply to any oppressed group with their oppressor. “We hear that oppressing is oppressive to those who oppress as well as those they oppress.” I think she nailed the stupidity of the idea of the oppressor being oppressed in that one sentence. People tend to deny and turn a blind eye to oppression when they are the ones who are actively adding to the oppression of a certain group. Furthermore, I believe it’s extremely important for people to understand that they cannot speak on behalf of the oppressed if they aren’t the ones who are being oppressed. 

Another point she made had to do with the analogy of the privileged, rich, white boy who breaks his leg skiing. He is in pain momentarily however his leg will heal and he will no longer suffer. I believe this is a perfect way argument to any white man who believes he is being targeted due to the rise of feminism. His “pain” is temporary and he is still at the top of social hierarchy. However, women will continue to face daily struggles no matter how much we preach feminism to the world.

Frye touches on practically every women’s struggle we face on a daily basis. From being criticized for our sexuality to the way we are judged on how we dress to even our physical postures in front of men. The last point was something I completely didn’t notice before this article brought attention to it but has always been subconsciously instilled in me. I certainly walk a little straighter and keep my legs crossed when in the presence of men whereas I’m a lot more relaxed when I’m with women only. 

This article was one of my favorites we have read so far. It is straight forward, to the point, and touches on practically everything we have talked about in class so far. I believe Frye did an excellent job proving her point.




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