Response to Oppression

I found this piece incredibly interesting and it got me really fired up. I really liked at the beginning and throughout the essay how the author separated the difference between oppression and suffering. Also I was really interested when she was talking about how an oppressor can not technically be oppressed by their own oppression of another group. This made me think of the controversial reverse racism. Personally, I don’t believe reverse racism is a thing, but it’s difficult for me to explain why that is to people, like my slightly ignorant relatives during the holidays. For example, if a black person hates white people, it’s not racist exactly because their hate for white people is a product of the oppression and racism put upon them their whole life. See? I’m not good with words. The author explains it better.White people may be judged, but it does not limit their opportunities like racism has for African Americans.

Also, just one more thing. At the end of the essay, Frye wrote “it is being a woman that reduces the power of my anger to proof of my insanity.” This sentence really stuck with me because I could really relate to it. Despite my being female, I have a hard time expressing my anger or discomfort with anything. You would think I should be able to show my sensitivity, but I’m so afraid of being called “crazy” or someone saying “Oh. She must be on her period.” that I never get angry or express anything negative I have to say. Yes, men aren’t supposed to show their feelings based on societal expectations for them, but at least they’re not called a “crazy bitch” for expressing or anger dislike of anything. Maybe it’s just me, but when I think about it, they’re not really condemned at all for sharing their feelings.


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