Response to oppression

This excerpt really captures the meaning of oppression and separates it from suffering. However, honestly these two phenomenons go hand in hand. Something that stuck out to me in particular was that the oppressor can not be oppressed as a result of the oppression he, himself inflicts. This notion hints at so many bogus claims that oppressors make against their victims to justify they’re actions. For example the whole debate on black lives matter, while it’s true many white people don’t intend to discriminate against colored people, however, when these colored people take a stand, they do the that role reversal of reverse racism, which sounds a little strange right off the bat. The biggest reason why black people in particular retaliate against white people is for the years of oppression they’ve had to endure.
I also liked how Frye got at the thought that it’s not just that one group is getting oppressed but many minority groups are oppressed all the time and it’s always underestimated as an issue. Everyone gets discriminated against if they break away from social norms and become social deviants. For example men are stereotyped to be strong, emotionless creatures. So when a male does cry or express intense emotions over “girly” things they are labeled as sissies, girls, or gay. That’s another thing there the fact that being gay is an insult loosely used in society, that’s another minority
Group that is oppressed. And last but certainly not least women have been oppressed since the beginning of time, they have been stereotyped as this weak, submissive creature, who overreacts at small things, and is meant to occupy herself with house work and being a “proper” lady or women. I feel like women are one of the many that have it the worse, if they fail to fulfill these expectations they are deemed social outcasts and scorned by all


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