I found the reading, “Oppression” by Marilyn Frye to be very interesting. Normally written pieces on oppression focus on the group that is being oppressed. Marilyn takes a different stance in that she looks at who we classify as being the one oppressed. I found it interesting when she wrote,

“When the stresses and frustrations of being a man are cited as evidence that oppressors are oppressed by their oppressing, the word “oppression” is being stretched to mean- inglessness; we need this word, this concept, and we need it to be sharp and sure.”

This is an interesting point because she isn’t outright fighting that women are the only one’s oppressed and that men are the oppressors, rather she is taking a step back to analyze the thought behind how we determine who is who.

Later on in the article she does say that women are oppressed but she does so in a way that doesn’t say that men aren’t oppressed also, just that in this day and time women are effected more.



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