Abortion is a very heavy topic to talk about and to read about. It is something that is completely up to the mother and father of the baby but to some extent I do not agree with abortion. In the documentary there was a lot of talking about babies who were diagnosed with diseases is a late stage of the pregnancy. If the child was going to suffer and the parents feel as though they can not give them a good life the option of abortion should be given. There should not be killings and protests of people who are pro-choice. The killing of the doctor from the documentary is very hypocritical. The people were taking someone’s life. When they were doing that to save the babies. That does not make any sense to me. Whether there is any clinics or not the women wanting an abortion are going to find a way. If they try to do it themselves because there is no center will hurt their own body. But do I think all forms of abortion are wrong? No. I also think that if a women got raped when she was younger abortion should be a strongly encouraged option. The woman does not want to live with the fact of being raped for the rest of her life, let alone have to deal with the man who raped her. There should be clinics in a close enough distance for that to not be a struggle for them. They have gone through enough they shouldn’t be put through more. But I do believe that they should try and get the abortion in a timely matter.  They should not be waiting until the third trimester to get the abortion. It should be given within the first one, and if they don’t know at most the second. At the third trimester, the fetus is forming, there is a heart beat, there is a sex, there is a image of the child. That would be way harder to have an abortion for. This is more along the lines as killing the baby. When it is a fetus its not formed into a person and which will be emotionally easier to have an abortion. In the articles of the women explaining their abortions, i don’t agree with some of their actions. I think some of them should be on the pill or use protection if they are going to continuously receive abortions. I don’t think that is right. If they are going to accidentally get pregnant and continue to kill their baby that I don’t agree with. Also for the women who realize they can’t provide a good life for their child in the last trimester they should at least have the child and give it up for adoption. Not kill the baby. I agree with that on all levels. If the baby is healthy and the family can not provide or if they mother doesn’t want to be tied down to her boyfriend adoption is always an option. The child does deserve a life. Also there was one women who said she had the money and the right care for the baby and the baby was healthy but still got an abortion. That is not right as well. I am open to alternatives though, and of course there are situations that change everything but there is some situations where I think abortion is killing. Pro-choice is my belief to a certain consent. But at a certain time in the pregnancy and there is no other circumstances, and the baby is healthy, adoption is a great choice. There are people out there who can not have children, and then there is women with perfectly healthy babies in the third trimester who are terminating the pregnancy and some women who can’t have a child. But again there is always situations where I believe abortion is the right choice for a lot of women.


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