Abortion Video and Article

I feel as though abortion should be a decision made by a person going through it not by the man making a law. Women should be given the choice to have an abortion if they need it. Especially after watching the video I found it sad that people are going desperate measures from preventing women to get the appropriate healthcare they need in order to get an abortion. Many people in these cases presented in the video were parents who were exception to receive a healthy child and at the end of the day being noticed that the child may not be able to live a lifestyle that thy will enjoy or be able to live happy. These parents in a way are benefiting the future child by undergoing this process. We saw how many of the parents faced difficulties in doing this and you could see the pain it left them with. For many people abortion is the only option especially in rape cases where the mother is to young to raise herself much less an infant. Due to state laws and regulations it would make it extremely difficult for that victim to receive the appropriate care she may need. According to the article abortion has been a fight in the country so so long now and “it’s a fight now in its fifth decade” But now “in the past two years, 26 states have passed over 111 provisions restricting abortion” making it even more difficult. It is ironic how those who are against abortion saying it is killing a life of a child are putting the life of someone else in danger such as Dr. Tiller who was murdered for administering abortions. Doctors and nurses who work at these clinics should not be afraid to lose their life in order to help others.


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