I get really heated over abortion discussions. I’m strongly pro-choice so it’s hard for me to think of it from the other side. When I was younger, my mom told me she had been raped and had an abortion, and that she regrets it. I never understood that. I mean if she hadn’t had the abortion then she’d be stuck with her rapist for her whole life and I wouldn’t exist. I guess that’s a bit insensitive of me. She said planned parenthood had really pushed her to have the abortion, which is weird to me because it seemed kind of the opposite for the women in the article. I still continued to argue with her that the choice should be out there for women even if she doesn’t believe in abortion. If you don’t believe in abortion, then don’t get one, but don’t force your beliefs on other people.

The After Tiller documentary and the article on women’s abortions stories were both very interesting to me. In the documentary, none of the women regretted their abortions, and they acted like it was a comfortable experience. In the article, some women regretted it or felt unsure, and said that it was a quick experience lacking sensitivity. While watching the documentary it kept going through my mind that I wanted to show it to my pro-life dad, but he’d probably say something about the appointments in the film being staged and so on. That’s why I find the articles description of the blank rooms during their procedures more believable, and I’m pretty sad about that part. Abortions are already so hard to get, and women can’t even get a proper procedural experience for something that I’m sure is incredibly difficult for them. I feel like pro-life people don’t think about what the women are going through or about the life the baby will end up having if kept.

I don’t really know what to say about this stuff. I know my biases get in the way. I mean it’s 50/50. Either you regret it or you don’t. But I don’t think those women who do regret it would regret the fact that the option was there. I think there are so many issues that could come along with pregnancy that people don’t acknowledge. I mean of course if a women is raped or a victim of incest, she shouldn’t have to have that baby. But there are also possible financial issues, emotional issues, and possible family issues. Why bring a baby into the world if it’s not gonna be able to have a good life, or have all the opportunities a wanted baby would have? Do people even think about what happens after the baby is born, and what kind of life it will have? I don’t know if I’d ever have an abortion, but I won’t ever not fight for a women’s right to choose over what to do with her own body.


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