I found Marilyn Frye’s “Oppression” to be very interesting and insightful. First, Frye states that “The word “oppression” is a strong word,” then continues to define it. She explains that both men and women are oppressed, but states that women are oppressed because they are women, whereas men are not oppressed because they are men.

I also loved Frye’s connections to the birdcage. I really liked how she made the connection and explained it as “It is the experience of being caged in: all avenies, in every direction, are blocked or booby trapped.” Overall, it was just a really interesting concept.

As Frye continues, she uses another example of a rich white boy who breaks his leg. She explains that we are sure he experiences the pain and suffering of having a broken leg, but his suffering is temporary. His leg will heal and he can continue living a lavished lifestyle. He does not experience oppression.

Lastly, Frye hit it spot on in section 4. She uses the example of men crying; men can cry in front of women but that cannot cry in front of men. And if they did, the man might be considered weak or a sissy. Men believe or feel that they must maintain “a steely or tough or laid-back demeanor (all are forms which suggest invulnerability) marks himself as a member of the male community and is esteemed by other men.” Men act that way because they feel as if it fits into their social structure.

Marilyn Frye presents so many interesting concepts throughout her piece, everything was relatable to not only this class, but also everyday life.



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