To me this reading was very interesting and the ideas and statements presented had me really thinking. Daily experiences that a women goes through throughout her life is presented in this article especially with the idea of gender oppression in mind. The idea of oppression here is presented depending on the situation who is specifically being oppressed, because as we know anyone no matter gender, race, or religious background can be oppressed. Today we do notice that women have many disadvantages compared to men, such as a wage gap, hierarchal status in the workforce, or even a plan out discrimination that they cannot do something because “they are female”. The challenge has always been in existence for women since the beginning of time and even though some try to fix it not on a national level we still see it being presented. I like how Marilyn Frye does also mention at the end of her article,”Women are oppressed, as women. Members of certain racial and/or economic groups and classes, both the males and the females, are oppressed as members of those races and/or classes. But men are not oppressed as men” showing that anyone can really be oppressed and the word can be used towards anyone.


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