Response to Utopia

In both Thomas More’s “Utopia” and Plato’s Republic they describe what they believe the perfect world would be. They both state how the perfect utopia would include equality between both sexes. More states that the only thing that would differ them would be married or unmarried. More also says that they both will be taught agriculture and all the same things in school, while men would be just more physical for manufacturing and carpenter’s work. He says they will wear the same sorts of clothes, that their own family will make. But along with everyone being equal he also states that woman would not have the same opportunities as men. He talks about how men can serve the country and work in the garden and can choose their own luxurious time. While women don’t have the same equalities. Such as they aren’t allowed to wear makeup, go hunting and gamble. He also continues to state the distribution of labor and how woman will do very little and that woman will just be married off and sent to live with their husbands. I do not agree with him. He is downgrading woman and explaining how “half of mankind” can not nearly compete with the other half. This is the first take on a utopia and the men are large and in charge basically.


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