Abortion is a topic that has been discussed and argued over for decades. Everyone has their own opinions on this topic. I am pro – abortion, because I believe that the woman has to be able to make her own choice and her body. Nobody can make the decision for her. Personally, I would never do it because of the guilt that will follow for lifetime but there are cases where it is needed. For example, what if a woman was raped? She’s supposed to raise a baby that she is disgusted of? or What if the baby is sick and will die or cause mother to be sick. We never know what it feels like to be in someone else’s shoes and should never judge. It should be available to women who needs it. It definitely should not be the government’s business to make restrictions and tell these women what they should do. If the abortion will be prohibited, it will increase the birth  of unwanted children causing more kids to be send to adoption centers and abandoned. Also, it could cause more newborns born with diseases. The main idea is that women will still try to do the abortion in illegal centers and places like in the past and that could lead to even less pleasant consequences.

The article talks about women sharing their own abortion experiences. Some of them seem to regret the abortion and that they were forced and influenced by somebody else to do this. And in some cases women were influenced by doctors or stuff or health centers to not do the abortion and told them to get out. Those women should be told what are the consequences of having an abortion but shouldn’t be told what to do, the last decision is up to them. It is sad to see that even when some of these women mentioned it to the family and the family knew that it was impossible to support the kid, they still forced their opinion on the mom.

In the documentary After Tiller, I learned that it is possible to terminate pregnancy at the third semester and still be able to have kids afterwards, however this stunned me, at this point the baby is fully developed and you shouldn’t do an abortion unless there is a serious reason behind this, like health of the child or the mother. At this point, if the mother just randomly did not want to have a child I would not exactly agree with that, because since the pregnancy is close to being over, and the fetus is growing, that is almost as killing to me. I do not exactly agree with this. However, if there are diseases or health problems, I am happy that this procedure exists because some women actually might need it. It’s all about reasons and responsible thinking.

All women in the article and shown in the documentary had different reasons to want an abortion – they were raped, couldn’t provide support to the child, or there was a disease that was going to make a baby’s life ward, and I think those are good reasons for not to have a child. In my opinion, the women has to have the final word in this and shouldn’t be pressured by others. Despite the fact that I am pro – abortion, I know I wouldn’t be able to do it unless there is a serious reasons behind it, just the guilt of it would eat away at me but that’s different for every women and men should definitely not be the one’s to restrict this.



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