In both the documentary, After Tiller, and the New York Times article, I learned that many of the women who are choosing to have these abortions after the third trimester view it as their total last option. In these cases and in abortions in general, women do not go through these types of situations just for fun and games, they make these decisions because they feel that it is their last option to either save their baby from suffering or save their own lives. In almost all of the women’s stories in the documentary it can be seen that they are searching for doctor’s who will perform these types of abortions because they are desperate. People fail to realize that sometimes an abortion is necessary in order to prevent a baby from suffering of some type of abnormality their whole life.

While watching the documentary I realized the amount of danger that abortion clinics and doctors who perform abortions face in their everyday lives. George Tiller himself was shot just because he was a doctor that performed abortions after the third trimester. The last four doctors in the country who are willing to complete these types of abortions go to their jobs everyday with a feeling that they can be killed at any moment. It is insane that there are protesters and people out there that are so against pro-choice that they are willing to kill. In the third story in the article, a woman named Mira describes how when she arrived at the clinic to get her abortion she was met with an escort and was asked if she wanted a bulletproof vest. This one story just shows how violent people feel towards abortions. I cannot comprehend the logic of wanting to kill in order to prove how “pro-LIFE” is the right choice.

I found it striking that only four doctors in the entire country are willing to take clients after they have reached their third trimester. With that being said, I also found it crazy how women have to travel so far in order to get these types of procedures done since they are so rare in America. It is not fair that so many women have to spend even more money to travel to get these expensive abortions done since they may not be allowed to do so in their own state. I believe that the government should not be involved in a woman’s choice to have a baby, however, I believe that if an abortion is allowed in some states it should be allowed in all states. Laws regarding pro-choice should be made across the board in order to prevent women from having to travel miles from home in order to get an abortion.


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