Honestly, when discussing the topic of abortion there’s no easy way to go  about it because it’s an unfortunate matter in every sense. When watching the film, I felt very emotional and extremely upset in how pro-life advocates dealt with the situation as well as the people who supported abortions. I also found it very hypocritical and ironic how the pro-life advocates supported the life to the extremes yet they also supported the death of Tiller at the same time. I felt like the article and the film had many common themes that they both displayed. While I understand where the pro-life advocates are coming from, I feel like abortion is something so situational and depending on the circumstances even if you have the baby whose to say your not condemning the child to a life of pain and poverty-stricken suffering. For a woman finding out that she’s pregnant, can be the best or the worst news of her life. A pregnant woman who cannot afford to keep a baby has two options; either give the child up for adoption or have an abortion. Neither one is an easy decision to make, so whatever choice the woman makes, we as a society should respect it. It’s so sad what so many women go through as a result of an unplanned pregnancy or even an unplanned complication in the pregnancy. So the least we can do for these women are keep our judgements to ourselves and instead provide support for those women cause if we are not in at same exact situation then we have no right whatsoever to judge.


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