My View On Abortion

I learned a lot from After Tiller, such as the fact that it’s possible to terminate a child in the third trimester and still be able to have kids afterwards when one is full and ready to, and that actually made me glad that such a practice exists. There are so many different diseases and disorders that can pop up in the child or mother that aren’t always seen ahead of time and having a solution to that should be a great thing, but unfortunately, it’s not.

Just mentioning the word ‘abortion‘ can spark a lot of different opinions and arguments, and even though I’ve never been involved in such discussions, I for one am pro-choice. I believe bringing a child into a world when the mother is not ready, or one or both is too sick, or unable to take care of the child, is as bad as some people believe abortion is. I just don’t understand why so many pro-life people get so riled up about it when it’s a decision that is and should solely be made by whomever it is that’s carrying the baby; it’s their business and their life at stake.

All of the women featured in the article and shown in the documentary had different reasons for wanting an abortions – they were raped, they wouldn’t be able to provide for the child, or there was a disease that was going to make life for the child very hard, and I think those are all very good reasons for one to not have a child. But, guilt should never be the way to go; guilt-tripping someone to have or to not have an abortion should be what’s banned.


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