After reading the Abortion articles and watching the documentary, I had a broader take on abortion as a whole. One aspect that I found interesting in the late-term abortions (based on the documentary) is that often the babies are quite sick. This part is often ignored by those who are against abortion, not only on the psychological and mental effects it can have on the women (assuming she’d give birth), but also on the physical effects the pregnancy will have on the baby. These factors are ignored by those who are against abortion and not taken into effect, rather those against abortion often look at it from a morale or religious point of view. The mental effects the child is being born into with are not taken effect, such as future altercations like surgeries he/she might have to get consistently. Essentially, the child will not live life like other’s and will have difficult experiences as well. Another interesting part that caught my eye were the protestors outside the clinic shouting at the patients not to complete the abortion. Ironically, those protestors often do not have a clue as to what the patients are going through and even the difficult position the babies are often in. Abortion should looked at more thoroughly, especially looking at the “hidden” factors that are not accounted for.


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