In the New York Times article, women shared their stories about their abortions and the effects of the decision on their lives. This article compared to the documentary After Tiller, really displays the stigma still involved in women getting abortions. I find it absolutely ridiculous what women have to go through in making a decision that involves their own bodies. Many women in the article described that they weren’t ready to have a child and even though their families and friends disagreed with them and often shunned them, they felt it was the best decision for their lives. They didn’t usually regret it but the stigma of those around them made them feel they ruined their only chance of starting a family or having another child. Something I really never knew about are abortions that happen in the third trimester. And that, only four doctors in the country can perform these procedures. Many babies are found to be severely medically challenged and some parents don’t want their child to have such a poor quality of life. One instance I found to be incredibly sad was the women from France who was denied an abortion due to how far along she is and story not being “compelling” enough. Other abortions include rape victims and those who feel they can’t raise a child with their partners. Sometimes, the parents just don’t want a baby. No matter the reason, a women should be allowed an abortion and terminate a pregnancy.  

Although it is extremely difficult hearing the stories of women wanting abortions, I also found it difficult to hear what the doctors go through. The few doctors they showed, dedicate their life to the cause, carrying on a legacy of doctor Tiller. They only want the best for their patients and provide the best emotional and medical care possible for their patients. They put their lives on the line, risking the danger that comes from extremist groups. One women in the documentary mentioned the juxtaposition between the compassion inside the clinic against the hate and ignorance of the protestors outside of clinics. I find it to be incredibly hypocritical to support pro-life, but be willing to murder a doctor or set fire to a doctor’s home and business.

I found both the article and the documentary to be extremely interesting, yet incredibly sad. Many people don’t understand the good that often comes out of abortions. They see it as murder and some lash out against the doctors and harass patients going in and out. I think more people have to watch this documentary and read the article on the many different stories – to understand what these women are going through. The stigma and emotional turmoil a women goes through is only a part of the battle she has to face. This country has to have far less restrictions on abortions as it is crazy for a woman or couple to have spend thousands on the procedure and travel. What a person decides to do with their body and how a person chooses to live their life is entirely up to them and no one else.


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