Abortion is a very controversial topic and is has been for decades. Everyone has different opinions on abortion, but I believe in pro-choice. I believe that women should have the right to make their own choices about their bodies.

After Tiller was a very interesting and intense documentary. And in all honestly, I has no idea that women got abortions so late in their pregnancy. So, initially when I started watching I was questioning what would make a woman wait so long, but there are legitimate reasons. A consistent reason throughout the documentary was when a doctor finds something seriously wrong with the infant. One example in the documentary was a baby that would be unable to move their joints, and I think that the parents did make the right decision. Obviously, it wasn’t an easy decision but I cant imagine what their life would have been if they had that child. They would be up to their neck in medical bills and all they could do is sit there and watch their child suffer. It’s just a really sad circumstance.

Reading “My Abortion: 26 Women Share Their Abortion Stories” makes me almost speechless. Some of these stories are just so unbelievable. You would think that you’re reading those stories out of a book. Its just crazy what some of those women went through. What really stuck with me was the woman who had 3 abortions. I can’t even imagine the rollercoaster of emotions of having to go through it one time, much less three. Overall, everyone has their own story and it was just so interesting to hear of other peoples experiences.


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