Both the article and the documentary heavily focused on the personal stories of real women that had to go through pregnancies that either resulted in an abortion or made them think about getting one. It was heartbreaking to hear and read a lot of these stories that these women had to go through because getting an abortion, especially after 25 weeks have passed in the pregnancy, is a hard thing to do. In the article, there were many individual stories that caught my attention. Cherisse thought that she was driving to an abortion clinic, but when she arrived to her destination, there were people outside telling her to have the baby, and even handed her a rattle. Because of this experience, Cherisse ended up having the child, but from there, she lost her job and was no longer able to pay the rent or buy food. Mira wanted to get an abortion but the closet clinic was 300 miles away. From there, she had to scrape together $760 to travel for her operation that took ten minutes. The last story, Dana’s, focuses on her experience with a child that did not have a fully developed brain. If the child were to actually live, then the child would have seizures 70% of the time according to the doctors. Because Dana did not want her child to suffer, she wanted to get an abortion, but she was 29 weeks into her pregnancy at this point. So, Dana had to pay $20,000 for both the procedure and travel to a clinic that does late term abortions. After reading and watching the documentary in class, I never knew that so little places do late term abortions. There is definitely a greater need for more abortion clinics, especially those that are able to do late term abortions.

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