Abortion rights

Even today the subject of abortion is very sensitive as people still have archaic ideas regarding whether one should have it or not. Pro-life supporters take matters into their own hands by attacking and terrorizing women who choose to have one, and they try their hardest to shut down the clinics. Surprisingly, the state is more interested in “protecting the life of the fetus” rather than taking action and protecting these victims.  The moment the fetus comes into this world, both the state and pro- life supporters refuse to help these mothers that despite all of the difficulties they had to face, they still listened to them. There is no financial support from the government in order to raise these kids. As a result, there is this hypocritical fight going on to protect the babies, but once the babies are born and their job is done, it is someone else’s responsibility.

Furthermore, pro- life supporters tend to overlook the fact that plenty of these abortions, especially the ones conducted within the third trimester, are caused because of serious diseases or syndromes that the fetus might suffer from. Most of the women in the “After Tiller” documentary chose to have an abortion since their kids would lead a miserable and full of pain life. They are forced to travel long distances in order to have the procedure done, as most facilities do not offer it. Abortions should be part of every woman’s health insurance, especially since they cost a lot. The lack of this type of heath coverage results in many women being forced to pursue illegal options, where abortions are conducted in horrible conditions from untrained individuals, and put their lives in danger.

The case of late term abortions raises the issue of disability rights, as these fetuses are aborted because of their dysfunctions. For example, the number of babies born with Down syndrome has decreased the last few years. It is quite controversial the fact that the number of disabled babies is decreasing rapidly, in fear of it being an act of eugenics, but at the same time most of these aborted fetuses, like in the documentary, would not survive after birth, and those who would, they would live their life in pain. Many people assume that abortions are acts of selfishness, but in reality none of them have experienced anything like it. In a different perspective, people tend to run away from the responsibilities such as the ones of having a baby with disabilities, thus turn to abortion. Most of the time though, what leads these people to abortion is embarrassment and shame that revolves around disabilities. Furthermore, women who chose to abort these fetuses do not have the resources to raise a child with disabilities. Thus, they choose to not have it as they would make both of their lives harder.

All of the women who had abortions faced different struggles that lead them to this choice. Some of them had serious health issues, some of them where raped and some of them just didn’t have the resources to raise a child, but all of them have the entitlement to choose about their own body. Society always tends to stigmatize these women for their choices and mistreat them. It is ridiculous how women are guilt tripped from society when they don’t follow these social standards. Protesters outside of clinics attack them in order to “change their minds” or more like brainwash them. They use emotional manipulation through fan facts like “the baby has a heartbeat, fingers etc” in order to force women into having this baby. Even family, friends, husbands, boyfriends etc, force their opinion on women on what they should, when all these women need is support.

In my opinion, it is unacceptable that the government doesn’t provide services like abortions everywhere. “After Tiller” shows the need for more doctors like these in our society, as in doctors who are willing to provide the best services to their patients, without judging them and forcing their opinion on them, but simply support them throughout this journey. It is important that people receive the education needed in order to understand the concept of abortions and the way they work. Abortion needs to be guilt- free as much as it is needed to be shown that none of these women in the interview regretted their choice to have an abortion. Sometimes the choice is a no brainer and sometimes it is hard, but at the end all of these women internalize their choice, move on with it and not regret it.


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