Blues Influence

I’m a musical artist who is heavily influenced by the blues, soul and R&B genres. My voice itself is very soulful and I feel it is an extension of my passionate nature. When I am creating a song or writing lyrics I rely heavily on my intuition; everything I do is based on feeling and making a connection. Often, my songs are about the pain and struggle that each of us go through collectively– as human beings. We have a tendency to become so immersed in our own problems that we forget that each and every person has a burden to bare.

One of my first singles is titled “Limbo.” I use a lot of abstract imagery to create an ambiguous “story line.” With my music, I like to create an open flow in which people can add their own interpretations. I also like it to be applicable to a broad range of people. I try to spread positive messages (in a non-preachy way) that will hopefully draw people together and plant empowering messages into peoples’ minds.


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