Mini book/zine exchange 

Your assignment is to make a mini-book/zine out of a single sheet of 8.5″X11″ paper.
I will be making copies of all of your mini-books/zines so that you can exchange them with your classmates. Each of you will get a complete set of 20, one from each of your classmates.
Please choose from the following themes:
1. Oppression: think of an example of your own experience of oppression, or an example of oppression you have witnessed in the world. Use the narrative form of the mini-book to tell and critically reflect on your story. Feel free to illustrate, collage, use comic book elements, doodle, draw & play with typography.

2. Dystopia/Utopia: all semester we have been studying Utopias and dystopias from a feminist perspective. Now is your chance to dream up a dystopian or utopian vision of your own. Show us a possible future, a glimmer on the horizon.

3. Manifesto: in the next few weeks we will be reading a number of feminist manifestos. These texts use direct and self-assured language to tell it like it is, and tell us how things should be. Taking inspiration from the SCUM Manifesto, the Redstockings Manifesto, and the Cyborg Manifesto (to name a few), make your own strong political statement and share it with the world in your mini-zine.
Rough draft: due Tuesday April 3

Final draft: due Thursday April 5


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