Response to S.C.U.M. Manifesto

Valerie Solanas created the “society for cutting up men.” This manifesto was an unbearably wild ride. Listen, a lot of the time I’m all for man-hating, but this was too much. It was difficult to finish. There were points where I felt bad laughing at. For example, when she referred to men as “a walking abortion.” It reminded me of a line from the show The Fall on Netflix, where the main character says that being born a male is kind of a birth defect. I guess by Solanas’ standards it is. Not only is this piece incredibly  confusing (or was that just me?), but it is also so aggressive and preachy that it’s hard to read. It’s long and seemingly repetitive. Over and over again she tells us how apathetic men are and compares them to gorillas. The things she says about conformity could probably be related to everyone, not just men. Yes, I get angry at men in general all the time, because wow do they make it difficult not to, but most of this seems pretty far fetched. In the end, at least I can learn from her use of section headers for my next english essay.

I did really like the part about “Pussy Envy” though.


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