Response to the S.C.U.M Manifesto

There were a lot of parts I liked to this and then there were a loooot of parts I didn’t (I didn’t want to admit that out loud at first, because I thought I’d be the only one), it was an interesting read overall though.

I’ll start with the parts I did like. The title, first of all, is great. The second thing I really liked was the way she wrote it; Valerie really has a way with words, she made most of it sound almost poetic. Also, she notices things that most people don’t or wouldn’t and uses a nice play on words, especially when she talks about how the Y chromosome is just an unfinished X chromosome.

The part about a man who wishes to be a female was fascinating at first, but by the tenth time she had said it, I was tired of the statement. I did like how she divided up all her thoughts into separate sections, so as to make things easier.

There were a lot of things I agreed with, but there were some parts I couldn’t help cringing at. She’s pretty bold and I learned that from watching her in the movie ‘I Shot Andy Warhol’, but it gets pretty unnerving as it goes on.

For a lot of the parts, I kept imagining the different men in my life and trying to compare Valerie’s thoughts to their behavior and I’m not going to lie, there were a few parts that matched. But, for the most part I kept hoping that my close guy friend, who I kept thinking of as I read through the article, would never catch me reading this.

Valerie had a very interesting and creative mind, but it was also kind of brash and unpleasant at times, and her S.C.U.M manifesto pretty much the same.


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