S.C.U.M. Manifesto

In her manifesto, Valerie Solanas presents her own ideas of misandry to the point of extremes. I’d like to think that even though her intersectionality makes it easy to hate men, her strong hatred is just part of her writing technique. Most of her views are reasonable, as they are extracted from real life experience, even though they are overly exaggerated. It is quite often that writers use extreme points in order to lure their readers in.

If that is the case then Valerie has a very caustic sense of sarcasm. In her utopian/ dystopian view of the world, men are oppressed by their own gender because of their intense desire to become women. Valerie uses some extreme evidence to justify her views, such as the fact that men have a failed Y chromosome, thus they are incomplete women.

In my opinion, Valerie is presenting a very extreme form of feminism that does not advocate just for gender equality, but women in power. I think, it almost goes against the contemporary views of feminism, that fight for gender equality. People who label feminists as “man haters” would falsely use the S.C.U.M. manifesto as evidence.

Furthermore, Solanas tends to force gender into binary, by categorizing people into just women and men. When she discusses the issue of transgenders, she rushes to refer to them as men who desire to be women so much that they start dressing like them. This claim is almost border line closed minded, as feminism talks about all genders and not only the acceptable ones.



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