S. C. U. M

This reading by Valerie Solanas analyzes males in a tone that is both cynical and seething with hatred. Her hatred for males is entertaining and makes the reading very interesting through that alone rather than through the relatability of its content. It makes the reader curious to what males did to Valerie to cause her to hate them so much.

A lot of what was said in the reading can be found as accurate but it is extremely overdramatized. She discussing topics such as the reasons why males are emotionally distant or obsessed with money that can be relatable, however, she makes the mistake of grouping all males together. Yes there are males that have some or maybe even all of these unpleasant traits but to classify all males to having them is stereotyping.

The reading was very entertaining and at some points the views were relatable but the negativity that was laced throughout made it difficult to read after the first few pages.


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