Scum manifesto

Valarie solanos’ scum manifesto was a very brutally deep account of men. Although some of her ideas seemed crazy, they were also humoring. I understand where she’s coming from but her ideas concerning radical feminism was a little too outrageous. For example she says, “To be male is to be deficient, emotionally limited; maleness is a deficiency disease and males are emotional cripples.” It’s hard to agree with her at this point because by saying this she’s succumbing to the stereotypes regarding men, which aren’t always true. She goes out of her way to say men are emotionless and that their pride is the most important thing to them, and while that maybe true in some cases, it’s not fair to judge a whole race of people based on what one or two people did. Throughout her manifesto she comes up with reversed terminologies concerning men and women, which seem so weird and horrible. However, it’s at this moment that we must ask ourselves are these ideologies really that foreign, after all it’s just reversed onto whine it applies to. I think Valerie solanos got onto something extremely important, even though her manifesto was bizarre and made you a bit squeamish, it was very humorous and can make you think of why these ideas seem so bizarre to us. Perhaps it’s society who has enforced years and years of cultural ideals that cannot be challenged and the sooner we abound on such an ideal the sooner we can move into a new age or era of social advancement.


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